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Terrabuilt Contracting ltd.This is the new home for Terrabuilt Contracting ltd. We are currently constructing here in Regina, SK and our website. Please come back as we are planning to add many programs and services. As well as a gallery of past projects.

People have been wondering about the "Environmentally Friendly Services" is about. We offer many environmentally services (EFS)

We offer EFS to help conserve energy, Including new windows and doors to help keep temperatures regulated in your house. We can increase the R value in your house be increasing the amount of insulation such as rigid foam when new siding is the next project. Let us not also forget about those pesky drafts, we can plug those too. New faucets around the house can help alleviate your water bill.

Our EFS extends outside of the house where we can help with the environment. By planting hardier grasses in your lawn water is conserved. Trees can be planted in well chosen areas to help with shade in the summer for your house and your deck/patio. When picking trees a leafy tree can also help with heat in the winter.

Then we take the three R's to heart!

  • Reduce - We reduce the amount excess materials necessary whenever possible.
  • Reuse - Many customers want us to reuse special materials including antique woods.
  • Recycle - Whenever possible extra care and effort are taken in the demolition process in order to conserve materials that can be donated to a local Restore location. We also carry products that are recycled themselves such as decking and insulation.


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